Bertha, our 2016 Grand Design Momentum 397TH

Bertha was a much needed addition to our family. Since we work within the RV Industry and often travel for training and private contracts, we needed an RV that would hold our full family (doggies included) and allow us the space we need to also work. We chose the Grand Design family first due to it's reputation within our industry. The toy hauler floorplan are perfect for us to have flexibility in space needs depending on where we are, what our office needs are and we can carry plenty of training equipment with us!

Harriet, our 1978 Airstream Sovereign of the Road

We found Harriet through a Facebook group called Airstream Hunters. We were in the market for a vintage airstream that needed a 'facelift'. In February 2018, Stephanie posted a want ad with a budget of $5K max and a sweet lady from San Saba, TX shared she had a unit and was wanting to sell. We saw the unit the same day and returned to pick it up in March 2018. Harriet is named after the sweet lady in San Saba... she shared this was one of the names she was considering, and we decided it fit well.

We began our renovation in March 2018 and worked on it through the fall of 2018 when our business activity rapidly increased and left little to no time for the Airstream. After two years of deliberation, we decided to hand the renovation work off to a local experienced vintage trailer repairman. Harriet's early renovation work was documented on our YouTube channel and can still be seen today.

IMG_5288 (002).JPG